Jewish Neighbors

“Did you have Jewish neighbors?”

Karol Barilla (b. 1919): “In Sobota, there were five, six, seven families: ‘Karl! On Sunday at 11 you come to us, and light the fire’. So I came. Firewood was already there. So I lit the fire and waited for it to burn. I said: ‘It is already burning’. And they gave me a Kipferl or a Semmel or something”.

KB: “The Jews hold strongly together, and they tightly hold on their holy days. The Jew said: ‘If I have only 20 Heller, I already have something. I do not want much, only that much, that I can live from it with my family’. The Jews were like this. They were Slovaks. I had friends among them”.

Stefan Lach (b. 1929): “We had a neighbor in Poprad. He was a Jewish doctor. Before they took him to the concentration camp he asked us to look after his car. He will take it back after his return, he said. But he never came back. And his car eventually was taken away by russian soldiers”.

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