Autumn Stories (Winter)

The weather forecast for Spišská Sobota: minus 14 tomorrow night. From my window at the gallery I see the Tatra mountains, white all over, Poprad covered in fresh crispy snow and the sun so bright I decided to awake my sunglasses from hibernation this morning. Winter Marvel… Rather, I have to marvel on Autumn Stories, “Jesenne Pribehy”, our project presentation next week.

We have been currently preparing the audio collage with direct quotes from our interviews and some layers of atmo sounds, a 5 meter long quote transcription banner and a slide show with documentary and archives photos. Sounds probably more than it is, but as usual it is rather more work to limit oneself to some essentials. Probably some of our participants from the seniors’ home will attend the presentation, so we want to avoid boring our audience with too much stuff. But we are not the only ones working on our small presentation, so this is maybe a good occasion to thank Gabi and Svetlana for their patient support with translation of quotes and design of the poster. Both are really busy at the moment, the gallery is preparing a Daniel Libeskind show which will be opened end of next week.

Wherever you are, you are invited for the presentation of our project. And if it is still white, cold and sunny after our presentation next week we will take the local bus or the Elektrická (a mixture between tram and mountain railway) and go skiing. Or, finally, to the hot springs!

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