A bath at the distillery

Pani Anna’s maiden name is Klein. Her father was a steward at castle Markušovce, where she spent her teenage years.

How was the name of the young baron?”

Anna Klein: “Wieland. I forgot his first name.”

And the old Baron Wieland?”

I also forgot, it was so many years ago. Wieland. But he wasn’t a baron. His wife was a countess, so they also gave him the title baron. He had nothing, he was poor. She was not allowed to take such a man, poor, and without a title of nobility. So they accorded him the title.

At night, my father used to talk the baron. About the work. What needs to be done tomorrow. But that was only for two, three years. Because we came there in 1942 and in 1945 it was already the end. In our house we didn’t have water. When they were distilling at the neighbour’s distillery we went there to take a bath. He had such huge barrels, and he heated the water with the distillery’s steam.”

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